What is Covered As Part of My Homeowners Insurance

By March 17, 2013Homeowners Insurance
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We could go on and on about what is or isn’t covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy, but the bottom line is that if the damage was caused by an event, there’s a good chance that it’s covered.

Furthermore, much of what you expect to be covered by homeowner’s insurance is actually a maintenance issue and not covered at all. This includes mold, or leaky windows, or a 20-year-old leaking roof. None of those issues are caused by a specific event, and as such, they’re not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

If you have a pool cover that’s simply deteriorated over time, your policy won’t cover it. But if a strong gust of wind threw something into your pool, tearing a hole through your pool cover, scratching the tiles, and damaging the plumbing, then this damage will likely be event.

Of course, while this is a great guideline to base any questions off of, it is – after all – just a guideline. If you have any specific questions about what your homeowner’s insurance will or will not cover, then feel free to contact us.

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