Why is Renters Insurance Important?

If you’re renting, then you may be under the impression that you don’t need renters insurance, or that there just isn’t any available to you.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We here at Hensley Insurance know that renting a property in Wichita, especially one that you share with other tenants, can be a risky endeavor. In the event of any injuries, or something as severe as a fire or any other type of disaster, the person who owns the property, assuming they have homeowner’s insurance, will have the property itself covered, but not you, or anything you own. In other words, if something happens, only the person who owns the property receives benefits, and only if they have insurance. The renter is otherwise left out of the equation.

Bad news if something happens, isn’t it?

Woman in apartment on couch in front of a TVRenters insurance exists to ensure that if you’re renting a property, no matter what it might be – home, condo, apartment, loft, duplex, or townhome – you’re protected, specifically your personal property, in the event that anything happens to it, whether in your home or your car. Items covered by this renters insurance coverage include clothing, electronics, appliances, furniture – basically anything you own.

That way, if the unthinkable happens, it does not leave you with unthinkable results. With renters insurance, you’re able to easily pick up the pieces and move forward with life. With the kind of coverage provided by agents here at Hensley, we’ll ensure that you receive a policy that will pay enough to cover your personal items if something were to befall them.

Depending on your policy, we’ll replace your items one of two different ways, either AVC, or the actual cash value, or by their replacement cost. With AVC, you’ll be compensated by how much the items are currently worth. Replacement will pay the cost of replacing your items with brand new ones.

Hensley Insurance is your friendly west side insurance agency. We do the shopping for you and customize your policy to fit your needs.

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